5 trending hair colour ways

5 trending hair color techniques

May 11, 2022, 06:28 pm
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These hair color techniques are a huge hit among celebrities across the world.

Even if you have decided on the hair color you want to opt for in a salon, the most difficult part is choosing the technique that would make you look the best.

From highlights and lowlights to balayage, sombre, and ombre, there are several hair coloring techniques available today. But, what are they about?

Here is all about five trending hair color techniques.

One of the most popular hair color techniques, highlights are a classic and never go out of style.

They add a multi-dimensional effect and depth to your mane. It is usually done by coloring certain strips throughout your hair with lighter shades for a subtle yet dramatic look.

It also instantly brightens up your complexion and gives a nice sun-kissed effect.

Ombre basically blends two different colors together to create a shadowy effect and is quite a popular choice among people who love coloring their hair.

If you choose to go with ombre, your roots will be darkened and it will become lighter toward the mid-sections and the ends.

It creates a dramatic effect by ensuring there are no harsh lines between the two shades.

The most trending hair color technique in recent times, balayage is a French word that means “to paint.”

This freehand technique creates a gradient effect by blending multiple hair colors and looks quite natural as well.

It adds a lot of dimension by seamlessly blending the shades.

To achieve this, paint the hair tips freehand and feather upwards to the midpoint of your mane.

A subtle and softer version of the ombre hair color technique, sombre fades between two shades that are similar in tone to create less contrast between roots and ends.

It will offer a gradual fade effect as you select a hair color one shade lighter than your base color.

For example, a blonde shade can fade between two shades of ash blonde and platinum.

Lowlights are the opposite of highlights and are a great way to add volume to thin hair.

While highlights are strands of your hair that are lighter than your natural hair color, lowlights are strands that are darker than your original hair tone to create a contrast.

It adds depth and drama to your hair and makes it look more natural and shiny.

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