Best Homeowners Insurance in Ohio of 2022

Homeowners know how valuable their home is, whether it’s a new house full of potential or one full of treasured memories. As a result, Buckeye State residents are searching for the best homeowners insurance in Ohio to protect their homes, fulfill mortgage conditions and prevent high out-of-pocket costs.

To give you peace of mind about a purchase, the Home Media reviews team has created a list of the top homeowners insurance providers for Ohioans based on plans, benefits, coverage, discounts, customer reviews and third-party ratings. Read on for our five highly rated options for coverage.

Homeowners insurance rates vary based on your location, square footage and other factors. To get your personalized quote, use our free tool below.

Common Causes of Home Insurance Claims in Ohio

According to the III, Ohio home insurance is the eighth-least expensive in the United States. Nevertheless, homeowners can face unexpected costs. Here are the most common causes of home insurance claims in Ohio:

  • Ice dams. Ice can build up unseen on a home’s roof in the winter after heavy snowfall. Over time, this can create roof leaks. Ohio winters can also lead to frozen and burst pipes, creating even more water damage throughout the house.
  • Property damage from wind, hail or fallen limbs. During heavy storms and significant winds, branches from trees, hail or heavy gusts can damage roofs and trees around Ohio homes, leading to expensive repairs.
  • Theft and burglary. Stolen personal property or damage to the home can be common causes of homeowners insurance claims in metropolitan areas such as Columbus, Cincinnati or Cleveland. Thankfully, a policy can help repair or replace damaged or purloined items.

Allstate’s Common and Costly Claims tool reveals that damage from fire and smoke are some of the most expensive claims across the Buckeye State, despite not being the most common ones homeowners face. This expense is yet another reason to install protective devices to detect fires.



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