HC Brian Daboll, QB Daniel Jones, RB Saquon Barkley, S Julian Love, CB Darnay Holmes, OT Andrew Thomas, OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux

Daboll: Tough game. Give Dallas credit. Tough game.

On the decision to go for it on 4th and 1. It looked like a catchable ball for Saquon Barkley.

Daboll: Yeah, they got the ball in the second half. [We] went down, took a lot of clock off. I thought it was a good chance to go ahead and get the first down, but we didn’t get it.

On if he things he thinks Barkley should have caught it.

Daboll: Guys, we didn’t convert it.

On if, at this point, he sees the season at a crossroads.

Daboll: No, I see it as getting ready to play Washington.

You seem more upset about this loss than past losses. What about this loss is hitting you hard?

Daboll: Every loss hurts.

You seem a little more frustrated today, though.

Daboll: I think we missed some opportunities. We’ve got to do a better job. It starts with me.

On what he saw on the first touchdown that was negated because of the ineligible man downfield.

Daboll: You’ve got to ask the officials.

On if he saw anything on short passes by Daniel Jones that seemed to be off.

On what was going on with some of his guys cramping in the second half.

Daboll: We were cramping. I don’t know.

On why they couldn’t get Saquon going, despite being in the game, and how much of a strain it puts on everything else.

Daboll: Yeah, we didn’t get a whole lot going. I don’t know, we averaged three-and-a-half yards or something like that? I thought Mike had a good plan coming out the way he did, getting Daniel on the move a little bit and trying to loosen him up, but never really got anything going, not getting any explosives. Gary (Brightwell) had a couple toward the end but we’ve certainly got to clean that up.

Was Daniel keeping the ball on boots and plays like that not a part of what was going on tonight, because he didn’t do it?

Daboll: He had pass options, so he ended up throwing. No, he ran zone reads, boots. We just didn’t do enough.

On the secondary playing well in the first half but not the second half.

Daboll: Yeah, they made some plays. That team’s got a lot of good receivers and they made some good plays, and I think that we were trying to mix it up and double certain guys. Give them credit, they made some good plays. Our guys competed, I though. They just made some plays.

On how much they missed Adoree’ Jackson with the CeeDee Lamb matchup.

Daboll: Well, certainly he’s a good player, so I think you miss all of your good players that aren’t out there. But I thought that guys competed that were in there. It was a tough game. We started out, I thought it was a good first half and we just didn’t get much going in the second half. And then they had the long drive, we didn’t convert on fourth down, they ended up getting some more. The guys competed, we just didn’t do enough.

On how tough of a week it was for Andrew Thomas.

Daboll: He wasn’t feeling good. I’d say he was fighting through it today, too. Give those guys a lot of credit that pushed through things, and I certainly do.

On his confidence level regarding getting things back on track.

Daboll: Yeah, just come back, do the same stuff we always to each week. Get ready to play a game. Take some rest. It’s been a tough 12 days. Obviously, we haven’t gotten the results we were looking for but I think we’ve got to just get a little bit of rest, mental recovery, physical recovery. Come back on Monday and get ready to play another division game. They don’t get any easier. Each week is tough, and we’ll stick with our practice, our preparation, all the things we need to do to try to go ahead and give us an opportunity to win a game. But, again, it’s the ebbs and flows of a season.

On if there are things Saquon can do better or are the opportunities not there in front of him.

Daboll: I’d say, with the run game, everybody needs to do better. It’s not always going to be clean. There’s going to be some ones, some twos. We’ve been missing some bigger plays that usually help in the run game. We just haven’t popped through there. The blocking, running, the design. We’ve got to do a better job all the way around I’d say with the run game. Coaching it, executing it. We’ve got a lot to improve, obviously. That’s certainly one of them.

On why they threw a lot early and on if he expected to get the run game going afterward.

Daboll: Yeah, we tried to move it a little bit and be productive for him on first downs. Change the loss point. Their defensive line is hard to block, so some of those were almost like runs, if you will. Just perimeter runs, you know, the first play to Cager and sliders and things like that. As we were going in the first half, even in the third quarter, they weren’t getting a whole lot from it. Mike was just sticking it in there and trying to mix it in. We were like three of 11 on third down, and the longers – I’d say six-plus against this team is a very challenging down. Obviously, we didn’t do enough.

On if he things the first half of the season took a physical toll on Saquon.

Daboll: No. No, Saquon’s out there running hard, trying to do everything he can do. We’ve got to do a better job collectively.

On how he built his game plan after being unsure which guys were going to be ready early in the week.

Daboll: We put the best game plan we could together. There was definitely a possibility, like I said, we were going to go all the way up until the end, but there was a possibility that there were going to be guys that were missing. So I’d say those guys did a good job throughout the week. And on short weeks you don’t do a ton of stuff. You just don’t have much time to practice it, so I just think that’s the nature of it on a short week.

On if he was looking for a shorter completion to set up four-down territory on the third-and-nine play at the start of the fourth quarter.

Daboll: I would say there were a few times in there where we definitely knew we were in four-down territory, so there’s an element of having something short. If we need it, we’ll go for it on fourth down. Try to make it, instead of fourth-and-nine, a fourth-and-four, fourth-and-three, with the opportunity to still get it. I’d say that happened a few times towards the end of the game.

On why he went for the fourth down play on the Saquon drop, as opposed to punting.

Daboll: I thought we needed to change a little bit of momentum after the second half was going. They went down and scored. I thought Mike had a good play ready to go. We had an opportunity on it. I thought it was the right thing to do.

On if any of the injuries with the guys that are out long term.

Daboll: I’d say probably not.

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