Netflix Best Motion pictures And Displays: What is Trending On Would possibly 11, 2022

You know, I honestly never would have anticipated that U.S. Marshals – a Tommy Lee Jones-led spin-off of The Fugitive released in 1998 – would make such a huge comeback for viewers more than two decades later, but here it is, continuing its reign in the Top 10 movies trending on Netflix. Unsurprisingly, more than a week after its final episodes dropped, Ozarks is still the platform’s most popular TV show, but there is a new title to report on that list, at least. If you are curious what else may have changed, as well what stayed the same on these Top 10 lists, come along for our breakdown of what is trending on Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

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Top 10 Movies On Netflix In The US – May 11, 2022

As previously established, U.S. Marshals (also starring Robert Downey Jr.) remains at Number One on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies in the US and is, once again, followed by more recent action favorites Den of Thieves and The Takedown – a French import released exclusively on the platform last weekend. Speaking of new Netflix movies, Pete Davidson’s animated Marmaduke film is now in fourth place among subscribers and coming-of-age romance, Along for the Ride, is sixth, with Adam Sandler’s funny 1996 sports movie, Happy Gilmore, in the middle.

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