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So you’re telling me there’s a chance? That might not be entirely true, but the Twins are doing their due diligence regarding Carlos Correa. The New York Post’s Jon Heyman reported that “Carlos Correa’s camp has been in contact with at least one other team” as his talks with the Mets haven’t made progress. In the story, he specifically mentions the Twins as one team that has contacted Boras, but there may be others. Those talks might not be serious, but this negotiation could have other layers. 

Earlier tonight, Nick wrote extensively about the Twins’ offseason up to this point. Part of that story focused on the ongoing Correa saga. Correa and Boras walked away from a contract with the Giants because of concerns with his physical, and the Mets’ doctors have flagged the same issue. Minnesota’s last known offer to Correa was for ten years and $285 million. There is no guarantee that the offer is still on the table, and the Twins would need to complete their own physical before a deal of this magnitude. 

Boras is also likely using this type of story to put extra pressure on the Mets to complete the deal. Steve Cohen, the Mets owner, has been outspoken about his desire for Correa to be added to the club’s line-up. Heyman quotes someone in the Mets organization that said, “Ultimately, I don’t think Mr. Cohen is going to let him go.” There have been other reports that the Mets were trying to alter parts of the contract to get the deal done. Correa is unlikely to want to return to the open market after everything that has happened to him. 

From Correa’s perspective, the free agent process has been frustrating over the last two seasons. Last winter, he turned down a 10-year offer from the Detroit Tigers and fired his agent before hiring Boras. The MLB Lockout didn’t help his first taste of free agency, as there was a rush to sign players after the completed deal. He signed a creative contract with the Twins, so he could have the opportunity to be a free agent again this winter. There has been a lot of money handed out to the top free agents this offseason, and Correa was expecting to be in that group. 

Carlos Correa Free Agent Timeline
March 22, 2022: Signs with the Twins for three years, $105.3 million, including opt-outs after each season.
November 7, 2022: Opts out of Twins contract.
December 13, 2022: Reports surface that Correa agrees to a 13-year, $350 million deal with the Giants. 
December 20, 2022: Giants postponed Correa’s introductory press conference.
December 21, 2022: Correa agrees to deal with the Mets for 12 years, $315 million.
December 24, 2022: Mets doctors flag a similar issue to what was found by Giants doctors.

Moving forward, the Mets are still the frontrunners to sign Correa. His family is already in a New York state of mind as he has posted pictures to social media of his child wearing a New York-themed outfit. Boras has previously worked out contracts with injury language for players like JD Martinez, JD Drew, Ivan Rodriguez, and Magglio Ordonez. However, Correa’s reported contract is significantly longer and for a more significant amount of money. No matter where Correa plays next season, this type of contract provision will be a requirement. 

Could the Twins wind up with Correa after all or is this a ploy from Boras to get the Mets deal done? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion. 


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