SS&C Technologies : The Relationship Between Insurance Companies & Commercial Real Estate

Insurance investors have been major players in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) lending for decades, with the commercial mortgage industry fitting nicely as an asset against the liabilities that life insurance companies have. Characteristics such as fixed-rate interest and ten-plus-year terms benefit both sides. However, the pandemic, the threat of inflation and emerging global pressures are … Read more

Hypoport SE: stable transaction volume for mortgage finance in Q4

EQS-News: Hypoport SE / Key word(s): Market Report Hypoport SE: stable transaction volume for mortgage finance in Q4 16.01.2023 / 07:00 CET/CESTThe issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. Operational key figures for 2022   Hypoport SE: stable transaction volume for mortgage finance in Q4   Volume of Europace transactions contracts by … Read more

Windsor Community Recreation Center bids an early adieu to its mortgage

Windsor Parks, Recreation and Culture will be starting the New Year off financially in the black as the center announced that it has paid off the mortgage on the building’s expansion loan. “We are fortunate to be able to payoff the mortgage early,” Deputy Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture Tara Fotsch said. “Because of … Read more

Why not all mortgage lenders are created equal

Alternative lenders allow higher debt ratios, have easier proof-of-income requirements and offer longer amortizations and/or easier qualifying rates.Yutthana Gaetgeaw/iStockPhoto / Getty Images Now more than ever, people see a conspicuously low mortgage rate online and apply for it, only to be declined. Interest rates are so high right now that borrowers who would have qualified … Read more

Over 20% of Tampa Bay’s senior homeowners are still paying a mortgage | News

At 76, Chrissy Gerulat is still paying off two mortgages. She’s not alone. In Tampa Bay, Florida, over a fifth of older homeowners in Tampa Bay remain saddled with mortgages. The metropolitan area ranks in the top 15 for communities with the highest share of older adults with a mortgage, according to a recent analysis … Read more

Where could mortgage rates – fixed and variable – head in 2023?

Ask many economists and they’ll tell you mortgage rates – both fixed and variable – are likely coming down in 2023. Ask the Bank of Canada and it would probably say, “Don’t get too optimistic.” Year-over-year inflation is still “way too high,” Tiff Macklem, the bank’s Governor, warned this week, and the latest inflation report … Read more

How to cope with rising mortgage interest rates

Home loan interest rates have risen sharply in the last year. Photo / 123rf Nearly half of New Zealand’s mortgage debt is due to be refixed between October 2022 and September 2023 and some borrowers are likely to see a big jump in their repayments. Mortgage rates fell to record lows of around 2.25 per … Read more

Mortgage stress has some Australians bracing for a new year of budget pain

Mobaraka Mohammadi says she works 12 hours a day just to make ends meet and pay off her mortgage.   Ms Mohammadi, 23, from northern Adelaide, told the ABC she might have to stop university to pick up more hours if her mortgage repayments and living costs increased further. “I was actually trying to cut a few of my hours so I can … Read more

‘2022 has been the scariest year of my adult and professional life’: One mortgage broker reveals how the housing slowdown upended financial security.

When mortgage rates hit 7% in the fall, Austin-based mortgage broker Aaron Kovac was a little spooked.  After a stunning rise in home sales amid ultra-low interest rates, “the market just went absolutely silent,” the 32-year-old, who has been in the mortgage industry for six years, told MarketWatch in an interview. As the housing market … Read more

Home buyers face another rising cost — credit score reports

A property for sale by Dawn N. Reid Broker/CEO of Gladiator Realty Group located in Cutler Bay, Florida, on Friday, March 4, 2022. Daniel A. Varela As if rising mortgage rates and high house prices aren’t enough, homebuyers in the new year are going to have to contend with higher fees to obtain their … Read more