The Best Medicare Supplement Insurance 2023: Compare Reviews and Rankings

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The best Medicare Supplement Insurance (or Medigap) covers certain out-of-pocket expenses that Original Medicare does not. These expenses include copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. Since this health insurance is meant to cover gaps in your Medicare coverage, it’s also referred to as Medigap.

Medicare covers 80% of approved expenses, but you are responsible for the additional 20% out of pocket. Your financial contribution could be significant depending on the medical care you require. This is where the best Medicare Supplement Insurance companies come in. 

The best Medicare Supplement Insurance companies are there to bridge the gap and lower your costs, so you can afford the care you need. Whether it’s an online therapy that takes insurance or if you’re shopping for the best over the counter hair loss treatment.

Private insurers sell ten government-regulated Medicare Supplement Insurance plans. Each insurance company decides which plans to sell, what to charge, and whether they include additional features and perks. 

Here are the top 4 companies to consider, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Providers of 2023: Top Companies Reviewed, Rated, and Ranked

  • United Medicare Advisors: Best Overall Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Humana: Best Medicare Supplement Insurance for Plan Options and Add-Ons
  • USAA: Best Medigap Supplement Insurance Customer Service
  • AARP: Best Medigap Supplement Insurance for Fixed Pricing

1. United Medicare Advisors – Best Overall Medicare Supplement Insurance

Pros of United Medicare Advisors Best Medicare Supplement Insurance:

  • Compare all Medicare Supplement plans
  • Compare costs for multiple plan providers
  • Save time and money
  • Personalized service from sales agents

Cons of United Medicare Advisors Best Medicare Supplement Insurance:

  • Available in only 45 states
  • Not a direct provider
  • No general pricing on the website

Many consider United Medigap Advisors one of the best Medicare Supplement Insurance companies. It’s available in 45 states and helps consumers sort through plan options from 27 providers. You can compare rates from multiple insurers to ensure you get the greatest value for your money.

The amount of information regarding the range of plans and available providers can be challenging and confusing. United Medicare Advisors shines in the ability to save hours of research time by comparing multiple options using one convenient source.

It’s important to note that this company does not provide Medigap Supplement Insurance plans directly. It acts as an insurance broker for many different companies. This is a great advantage for clients, as you can shop around and compare deals to find the best possible coverage.

Cost of United Medicare Advisors Medicare Supplement Insurance: 5/5

You must submit personal details before seeing quotes and rate comparisons. Your quote depends on your unique situation and the insurance company you choose. However, the average client saves around $581 annually by using United Medicare Advisors.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Offered by United Medicare Advisors: 5/5

A representative will assist you with finding the best Medicare Supplement Insurance for your needs. They are knowledgeable about all the differences in the plans and how they work. One of the best parts of working with United Medicare Advisors is that they do most of the paperwork on your behalf and only require your signature.

Since you can easily explore quotes from multiple providers, you have access to premium costs for all ten plans. Each has a different level of coverage that will affect the price.

Additional Perks of United Medicare Advisors Medigap Supplement Insurance: 4.7/5

United Medicare Advisors is available in 45 states. You can access personalized service and side-by-side comparisons of some top insurers. These details let you make an informed choice.

You can use the resources provided to inform yourself about the different types of best Medicare Supplement Insurance plans and get answers to any questions.

Many customers consider the personal, one-on-one support and guidance they receive to be one of the biggest benefits of using this service. The support offered to help you choose the correct plan can save you time and money and significantly reduce the stress associated with insurance shopping.

United Medicare Advisors Customer Satisfaction and Support: 5/5

Licensed agents can answer your questions and support you through the entire process. They are trained in all of the best Medigap Supplement Insurance plans and can explain the differences while helping you choose the best coverage and best provider for you.

The website has useful information. While you can’t access quotes immediately, all you need to do to get started is fill out a simple form. An agent will contact you shortly afterward and begin shopping for the best coverage and rates.

Overall Score of United Medicare Advisors Best Medicare Supplement Insurance: 4.9/5



2. Humana – Best Medicare Supplement Insurance for Plan Options and Add-Ons

Pros of Humana Best Medicare Supplement Insurance:

  • Helpful, user-friendly website
  • Compare average prices by ZIP code
  • Plenty of perks and add-ons

Cons of Humana Best Medicare Supplement Insurance:

  • It can be pricier than other companies
  • Not available in Massachusetts, Minnesota, or Wisconsin
  • Some plans have low satisfaction scores

Humana provides nine plans to choose from and is available in 47 states. There are eight basic plans, plus a high-deductible option for Plan F. Get a detailed breakdown of each plan available in every state. Compare each by providing personal details or view coverage details by ZIP code. 

You can also make an appointment to speak with an agent for more personalized help and information.

There are also several perks to enjoy with a Humana plan. These include wellness discounts for fitness clubs, prescription savings, and greater access to care. Some home services and care management benefits are available for members with complex health challenges.

Humana also provides small business health insurance plans tailored to help employers save money and provide health benefits to their staff.

Cost of Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance: 4.5/5

Costs for Medigap Insurance Supplements vary widely. Your rate will consider your age, health, desired coverage, and location. The best way to determine your estimated cost is by requesting a personal quote.

The average cost for the recommended Plan G ranges from $120 to $314 per month. A lower-cost option is Plan K, with premiums averaging $59 to $174 per month.

You can save money with a discount for multiple policyholders. Set up automatic electronic payments to get $2 off your monthly premium.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Offered by Humana: 4.5/5

Humana offers a standard selection of plans. Choose from the basic coverage options or a higher deductible. The available plans are A, B, C, F, G, K, L, and N. Plans D and M are not offered, although Plan G can be a good alternative in some cases.

Additional Perks of Humana Medigap Supplement Insurance: 4.8/5

Humana includes some additional perks with their plans. Two of the most popular are membership to the SilverSneakers fitness club and discounts on prescription medications.

Humana Pharmacy provides convenient, mail-order prescriptions. Alternatively, you can access some discounted pricing at Walmart for certain plans. There is an Insulin Savings Program offered as well.

Some other extras to look for are dental, vision, and hearing coverage. You may also receive benefits for meals and over-the-counter medications. Many plans now also include telehealth.

Humana Customer Satisfaction and Support: 4.5/5

Speak with a customer service representative by phone, or request an appointment online. There is also an app called MyHumana that makes accessing your plan information easy to do from anywhere. Use it to find a provider or view your membership card.

If you have basic questions, another avenue to consider is Twitter. Humana is available daily through the platform, although they disallow personal questions for privacy reasons.

The majority of customers report high levels of satisfaction with the service and the plan they chose. However, there are a few instances of poor satisfaction or frustration with reaching a customer service representative.

Overall Score of Humana Best Medicare Supplement Insurance: 4.6/5



3. USAA – Best Medigap Supplement Insurance for Customer Service

Pros of USAA Best Medicare Supplement Insurance:

  • Excellent service
  • Available in most states
  • Offers most popular plans

Cons of USAA Best Medigap Supplement Insurance:

  • Limited plan options
  • Must be a USAA member
  • Must request a quote

USAA plans are available in 45 states and in Washington, D.C. However, you must be a member to select one of these plans. You can choose from seven of the best Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, although availability depends on your location.

Many states have only a few options to offer. These are, however, the most popular plans. One drawback of USAA is that average rates are difficult to locate. Plan pricing is for members only, so you must create an account or contact the company to compare plan costs.

While USAA maintains positive reviews and boasts excellent customer service, they have a limited selection of supplement plans. You may find better deals and extended coverage options with another company.

Cost of USAA Medicare Supplement Insurance: 4/5

You need to contact USAA directly by phone, or access your online account, to explore pricing options. While rate information isn’t available upfront, the cost of these plans is generally affordable, though perhaps higher than some other companies.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Offered by USAA: 4.2/5

The most widely-available plans through USAA are A, F, G, and N. Pennsylvania also includes Plan B, while Minnesota offers Plans C and D.

USAA typically doesn’t offer Medigap Supplement Insurance in Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, or Wisconsin. You can contact a representative or view your online account to review possible options.

Additional Perks of USAA Medigap Supplement Insurance: 4.5/5

The support team USAA provides members is one of the best advantages of working with this company. If you have questions, you can also try out the advice center to get answers to common questions. You also have access to the Perks program, which provides discounts for shopping.

USAA’s focus on the military makes it a good option for current and former service members. You’ll have access to unique tools and resources specific to common financial challenges and questions of military personnel.

The downside is that this company doesn’t provide perks that frequently accompany other insurers. They include fitness programs, gym memberships, dental, hearing, and vision products and services.

USAA Customer Satisfaction and Support: 4.9/5

USAA receives a score of A+ from the Better Business Bureau and A++ from A.M. Best. While customer service is limited to standard business hours, most clients report personalized and high-quality care. No issues have been reported. You also have the option to peruse the helpful information available on both the website and the mobile app.

Overall Score of USAA Best Medicare Supplement Insurance: 4.4/5



4. AARP – Best Medicare Supplement Insurance for Fixed Pricing

Pros of AARP Best Medicare Supplement Insurance:

  • No increased costs as you age
  • Online portal to check on claims
  • Spanish-language website available

Cons of AARP Best Medicare Supplement Insurance:

  • Must to an AARP member to enroll
  • Birth date and Medicare information required for quotes
  • Some perks come at an additional cost

AARP is one of the best Medicare Supplement Insurance companies for plan choice. It offers nine of the ten plans in most states. Another benefit is that it has set pricing and does not increase premiums over time. As a nonprofit, it offers many services, information, and assistance to individuals over 50 years old.

The insurer used by AARP is UnitedHealthcare, a well-known and trusted name that is also the largest Medigap Supplement Insurance provider. Plans are available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Cost of AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance: 4.8/5

These plans are only available for AARP members and are affordable and competitively priced. The lowest-cost plans require that you only use in-network providers.

Your exact quote depends on your circumstances and location. You can get a discount if you purchase multiple policies, have multiple recipients in your household, or set up an automatic electronic payment.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans Offered by AARP: 4.5/5

AARP offers customers their choice of nine plans. The only one that has yet to be available is Plan M. You can select from several configurations and some additional benefits.

One can purchase plans A, B, G, K, L, and N in any state. Plan D is available in some locations. Those eligible for traditional Medigap before 2020 can also select either Plan C or Plan F. These two are not offered for more recent recipients.

There are up to three levels of each plan, with pricing differentiations reflecting restrictions and extras included. This gives you greater flexibility and choice but needs more clarification. You must provide your Medicare plan information and personal details to see quotes.

Additional Perks of AARP Best Medicare Supplement Insurance: 4/5

You have access to some wellness perks with AARP, but they can be an expensive addition to your premium. The + wellness extras label indicates these benefits are added in all states but Colorado.

Perks include discounts for eye exams and eyewear, dental services, and hearing devices: free gym memberships, and a 24/7 nurse line to call with questions and concerns.

You can also purchase a plan to take the AARP Smart Driver course. Successful completion can lead to a discounted rate on your auto insurance.

AARP Customer Satisfaction and Support: 4/5

AARP and UnitedHealthcare have favorable customer reviews and fewer complaints than other companies. You can access customer service through the website or by phone. UnitedHealthcare provides additional contact options via Twitter and Facebook.

Overall Score of AARP Best Medicare Supplement Insurance: 4.35



How We Selected the Best Medigap Supplement Insurance

Your health and well-being are essential for living a happy and fulfilling life. This is why choosing a high-quality health insurance plan that provides the coverage you need is crucial. 

We used the following criteria to select the top providers.

  • Cost of coverage: Affordability is essential to ensure clients have access to high-value plans.
  • Plan choice: The best Medicare Supplement Insurance providers have various plans available, so customers can select the one that meets their needs.
  • Additional perks: Medigap plans are standardized, so the differences that drive customers to select one provider over another are the cost and added perks the insurer provides to increase the value.
  • State availability: Not all insurers are available in all states, so our top choices must provide coverage to as many states as possible.
  • Customer support: Choosing the best Medicare Supplement Insurance can be confusing. Providers should have simple websites that display clear information and customer service agents available to provide additional help.

With the help of a Medigap Supplement Insurance plan, you can more easily access necessary medical services without worrying about the high care costs.



Buying Guide for the Best Medicare Supplement Insurance

These frequently asked questions can help you better understand Medicare Supplement Insurance. Read through the answers to increase your knowledge of the benefits you can access and how to choose a plan that is right for you.

Do I Need the Best Medigap Supplement Insurance?

The best Medicare Supplement Insurance provides additional coverage beyond Original Medicare. Plans cover part or all out-of-pocket expenses left after traditional Medicare insurance deductions. Purchasing this coverage is optional but can be a smart decision.

Original Medicare covers 80% of qualified expenses. Depending on your required medical services, the remaining 20% can be a significant cost. Consider whether you must stay in the hospital for a few days or require ongoing care for your condition. These treatments and services are often expensive and add up quickly.

The best Medicare Supplement Insurance policies help to alleviate some of the burdens of the cost of medical care. A plan can save you significant money and make necessary care more accessible. Many consumers consider the monthly premium cost worth it for the added peace of mind and potential financial assistance when they most need it.

What Is Covered by the Best Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Original Medigap typically covers 80% of approved medical costs, meaning you are responsible for 20%. This is where the best Medicare Supplement Insurance plans can help. They cover some or all of that 20%, so you pay less out of pocket.

The exact amount covered depends on the plan you choose. Each of the plans is designated by a letter name. While the federal government regulates them, the coverage can change yearly. Always review the newest information when selecting or changing your policy.

You can select a plan with a coverage amount, deductible, and premium cost that makes sense for you. If you pay more in premiums, your deductible will be lower, requiring less money to pay for services when needed.



How Does It Work with Original Medicare?

Medicare covers basic costs of medical care, and it divides areas of medical coverage into groups, using letters to distinguish them:

  • Part A covers hospital insurance, including inpatient services, hospice, and home health.
  • Part B is for preventative and medically necessary general care, such as doctor visits, outpatient services, and some home health.
  • Part C, or Medicare Advantage Plan, replaces Parts A and B and may lower out-of-pocket costs; however, you still must stay enrolled in Parts A and B and pay your Part B premium.
  • Part D covers prescription medications like some of the best weight loss pills.

One of the best Medigap Supplement Insurance plans can help you cover costs not paid by Medicare Parts A and B. It does not work with Parts C and D.  This means that they will typically cover things like co-pays to visit your doctor and partial payments for inpatient and outpatient services.

When Should I Enroll in a Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?

It would be best if you first had Medicare Part A and B before you can enroll in the best Medicare Supplement Insurance plan. Most people enroll in Original Medigap when they meet the age requirement of 65. If you have a disability or other extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible for Medicare at an earlier age.

There is a six-month open enrollment period once you have Medicare Part B and have turned 65. During this period, insurance companies are required to approve your coverage, regardless of your current health or medical history.

If you wait to enroll or even switch companies, you may need to answer health questions and document pre-existing conditions. It benefits you and keeps costs down if you enroll during this six-month timeframe.

How Are Premium Costs Calculated?

The price of your Medigap Supplement Insurance premium is set by the company you select. While the plans themselves are government-regulated and supported, each provider chooses its rates and what, if any, extras to include. The average cost of the popular Plan G ranges from $110 to $160 per month.

Factors considered when calculating your premium price include age, gender, location, and possibly your tobacco use. In addition to these criteria, there are three pricing structures for Medigap plans. 

These are:

  • Attained-age-rated: These policies have rising premium costs as you get older
  • Issue-age-rated: The premiums for these policies are determined by inflation
  • Community-rated: These policies have consistent premium prices based on the area, where everyone enrolled pays the same amount

Since private insurers set their prices, you should compare rates from several companies to find the best deal. You can save money or even get a better value by researching before making a purchase.



How Do I Select the Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Provider for Me?

The best coverage for you depends on your age, location, and health needs. You will also need to do some research to compare the price of plans across a few reputable companies. Put some thought into what your medical needs are, as well as your budget.

If you expect to use your insurance more frequently, you may want to opt for a plan that covers more of the costs left after Original Medicare

Remember: if you choose a plan with a low monthly premium, you’ll have a higher deductible. You’ll pay more out of pocket when using your insurance plan.

The best strategy to find the best coverage and provider for you is to shop around. You can obtain quotes for comparison or work with a provider, such as United Medigap Advisors. If you need clarification on the multiple options, it can be advantageous to speak with a knowledgeable agent who can guide you through the process.

Best Medicare Supplement Insurance Providers: Top Four Comparison Guide

United Medicare Advisors

  • Price: Varies according to the insurance company selected. Many clients report savings of $581 per year
  • Plans: Shop providers of all ten available plan
  • Best Feature: Compare quotes from top insurance companies, all from one convenient place


  • Price: Average of $120 to $314 for Plan G; Average of $59 to $174 for Plan K
  • Plans: Nine plans are available
  • Best Feature: Widely available coverage with add-ons and highly-rated website


  • Price: You must call USAA or create your online account to compare quotes
  • Plans: Seven plans; availability varies by location
  • Best Feature: Exceptional customer service


  • Price: Varies from $60 to $300 per month, depending on the plan, location, and circumstances
  • Plans: Nine plans are available
  • Best Feature: Premiums rates don’t increase with age, as with most other providers

Final Thoughts on Selecting the Best Medicare Supplement Insurance

The best Medicare Supplement Insurance can help relieve your financial worries by offsetting the out-of-pocket costs of medical care that Medicare doesn’t cover. You have the freedom to choose one of 10 plans from several providers.

Since the benefits of Medigap Supplement Insurance plans are standardized, you must look at the pricing and extra perks to find the company that offers the greatest value. Compare quotes and each company’s quality and value before making a decision.

Based on our selection, the best Medicare Supplement Insurance is United Medicare Advisors, allowing you to save up to $581 annually.

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