Trending On Twitter: ‘Pricey Elon Musk’ Messages Be offering Love And Loathing

The denizens of Twitter TWTR have taken to messaging the company’s potential new owner, creating the latest trend to dominate the social media platform.

Positive vibes: “Dear Elon Musk” is now trending, with both prominent and under-the-radar Twitter users sharing their comments and condemnations of how the Tesla TSLA chieftain is shaping the social and psychological dimensions of the site with his planned changes – with a very heavy emphasis on his announcement that he would reverse the platform’s ban on former President Donald Trump.

Among the complimentary messages were the thoughts shared by attorney matthew kolkendirector of the American Immigration Lawyers Association‘s Board of Governors, who tweeted“Dear Elon Musk, The people of this Country who value Constitutionally protected freedoms appreciate what you are doing.”

Conservative-focused YouTuber Steve Crowder chimed in by tweeting, “Dear @ElonMusk, How can you sleep at night after saying you’ll reinstate Trump’s Twitter account? I ask because the screams of leftists will certainly keep many of us awake tonight.”

syndicated radio host Joe Pags his two-cent deposit by tweeting, “Dear Elon Musk — thx for getting it. A platform is but a placeholder of ideas and comments of those who choose to use it. It’s not judge nor jury. It’s not a publisher. It’s a common place for discourse. You seem to want to do what they said THEY would. Thank you.”

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Negative Notions: But not everyone was pleased with Musk. Democratic strategist and “Zoomed In Podcast” co-host Jack Cocchiarella tweeted, “Dear Elon Musk, No one wants Trump on Twitter. Sincerely, All Americans.”

Richard Hinea Substack columnist who publishes under The Daily Edge banner, tweeted, “Dear Elon Musk, Twitter doesn’t need a guy who spreads Covid misinformation, tweets sexist crap, gives his critics stupid nicknames, and spreads alt-right bulls**t. But enough about you. Don’t bring Trump back. Thanks, America.”

Amy Siskindpresident of the non-profit The New Calendar, tweeted“Dear Elon Musk, I look forward to watching you lose billions on this investment.”

To Third Choice: And then, there were those who were disinterested in the Trump debate and wanted to get Musk’s attention on other matters.

The Twitter account ultra-booter tweeted, “Dear Elon Musk, Can we get that 40 Billion back that Biden sent to Ukraine to launder? Sincerely, Americans.”

The account Royal Haule Gluck sought to call Musk’s attention to an ongoing conflict in East Africa by tweeting, “Dear @elonmusk @SpaceX, a vicious genocidal conflict has been going on in #Tigray since Nov. 2020. #Tigrayan civilians have been massacred, raped, starved, hidden from the world under a total communication blackout. Please #ConnectTigrayToStarlink. Save lives.”

And the account Venu Raju seemed to be luring Musk into a Bollywood investment by tweeting, “Dear Sir, Indian cinema industry is growing to a remarkable number in the history of world cinema. Now, there is a spectacular movie on cards which is in pre production stage…#ElonMusk”

Photo: Thomas Hawk / Flickr Creative Commons

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