Why you should get pet insurance now

If you’re a dog or cat owner considering pet insurance, there are multiple good reasons to act now. 

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Most consumers are familiar with insurance and the reasons for purchasing a policy. Whether you’re looking for life insurance or health insurance, travel insurance or home insurance, the main benefits are the same – namely to provide a financial safety net for you and your loved ones should something go wrong.

The benefits of pet insurance are similar to the above-mentioned types. But pet insurance works differently than traditional insurance types. The reasons a prospective policyholder would secure a policy, then, may be different than if they were looking for a term life insurance policy or home insurance coverage.

That doesn’t mean that pet insurance isn’t valuable, however. In fact, there are multiple reasons pet owners should get a policy, particularly at the start of a new year when many Americans re-evaluate insurance types and expenses.

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3 reasons to get pet insurance now

Lower cost

Like life insurance for humans, pet insurance will only get more expensive as your pet ages and becomes riskier to insure. That risk will be passed on to policyholders in the form of higher payments. But if you act now, while your pet is as young as it ever will be, you can improve your chances of obtaining a cheaper policy. 

Don’t have a young puppy or kitten? Don’t worry. While costs are typically cheaper the younger your pet is, it’s still possible to get a reasonably-priced policy for middle-aged pets, too. This is especially true if your pet is healthy and doesn’t have any nagging health conditions. Pre-existing conditions will likely limit your coverage options so it makes sense to act before they became a consideration.

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Save money

If you’re a pet owner who doesn’t currently have pet insurance in place then you already know how expensive a visit to the vet can be. Visits can quickly add up, particularly if you need to return to the doctor for extended care. Without pet insurance, you’ve likely become accustomed to paying out of pocket each time with no financial relief in sight.

But pet insurance can help. Pet insurance, depending on the provider and policy type, can cover a wide variety of visits and needs. And while you’ll still have to pay for care on the date of the visit, it will just be temporary. Pet insurance providers will reimburse you for care following the submission and approval of a claim form.

Peace of mind

It’s never too early to secure peace of mind. Fortunately, pet insurance allows just that. Once you have applied and been approved for a pet insurance policy, and the customary waiting period has been completed, you can rest easy knowing that your dog or cat has guaranteed medical care. Should any accidents or emergencies arise, you’ll know that you’re covered. 

You won’t have to delay or prevent care due to costs. With a pet insurance plan in place, you’ll know exactly what’s covered, what isn’t and what costs (if any) you’ll be responsible for. Insurance types of all shapes and sizes provide some form of peace and security. Pet insurance is no different.

The bottom line

The benefits of pet insurance are significant and numerous. If you want to save money and secure robust care, however, it pays to act now. Lower costs, money savings and peace of mind can all be secured with a pet insurance provider.

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